Murie Center, Teton Science Schools To Merge

Aug 26, 2015

Kelly Campus of Teton Science Schools.

Two Jackson area institutions have announced that they will merge this fall. The Murie Center and Teton Science Schools are both organizations that aims to educate people about the outdoors to encourage conservation.

Kate Gersh is the Associate Director at The Murie Center. She says since there is so much overlap between the two, a merger just made sense.

"Our missions are aligned, as well as our history. We’ve always partnered together in the past with so much programming. It really just seemed like a no-brainer, although we just went through the due-diligence process to make sure it really did make sense," says Gersh.

The Murie Center’s Executive Director Paul Hansen will step down as part of the merger, but the rest of the center’s staff will keep their jobs. The merger is expected to happen this October.