Most Schools Expected To Return To Buildings For Beginning Of School Year

Aug 12, 2020

Credit Creative Commons CC0

Wyoming Department of Education's State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow said as of Wednesday, August 12, more than half of the state's 48 school districts have had their returning to school plans approved.

At a press conference Wednesday, Balow said most schools, except for several districts on the Wind River Reservation, are returning to school buildings, but it will be different.

"In-person instruction looks different than it did before we went to remote education last spring," she said. "Current and new state health orders, as well as local orders, at a minimum require students are social distancing at a distance of six feet or more and when that can't be maintained, students, staff, and other visitors are wearing face coverings."

Balow said schools are setting up so that students can social distance as much of the day as possible. Balow also said districts can voluntarily sign up to test a percentage of their teachers at regular intervals.

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