Mosquito Prevention Efforts Underway Across Wyoming

Jun 20, 2016

Credit Phil, CDC

Cities and towns across Wyoming have begun mosquito prevention efforts. Fogging and spraying are underway to kill adult mosquitos, and larvicide is being applied to areas of standing water like wheat fields and ponds.

Keith Wardlaw, the mosquito crew supervisor for the city of Laramie, said areas that have seen lots of rain and snowmelt, like Southeast and Central Wyoming, may also see more mosquitos this summer.

“We’ve had a very wet spring. There’s certainly a lot of habitat available right now for mosquitos to be produced in,” said Wardlaw.

Health officials do not expect the Zika Virus to appear in Wyoming, but mosquitos in the state can carry West Nile Virus. Wardlaw said insecticides can be a first line of defense against disease.

“Lower numbers in almost every case will result in a lower risk to folks for bites, and thus a lower likelihood of an infection of a virus from a mosquito-borne insect,” said Wardlaw.

Mosquito bites can also be avoided by wearing bug spray, long sleeves, and pants when going outside.