More flights to Jackson Hole planned for winter

Jul 2, 2013

United plane at Jackson Hole Airport
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Jackson Hole Air Improvement Resources has announced expanded flight service into Jackson for the next winter season, including new direct flights to and from New York’s JFK airport and Seattle.

 Last winter, Jackson Hole saw increases in air travelers, skiers, and sales tax revenue, all of which helped Air Improvement Resources negotiate more flights with airlines.

 Mike Gierau, co-chair of Jackson Hole Air Improvement Resources (AIR), says the new and expanded service points will help the area recover from previous years’ lower tourism numbers.

 “When you look at it in a big picture over all, what we’ve been shooting for –and before the economy kind of went south on us—we were really trying for a slow steady growth pace. We lost ground for two years; now we’re trying to make it up,” said Gierau.

 Direct flights will now be available from eleven cities on American, United, and Delta airlines.