Moose-Wilson Corridor Public Comment Report Released

Dec 12, 2014

The National Park Service has released a report that summarizes public comments on Grand Teton’s Moose-Wilson Corridor management strategies.

The corridor is a heavily traveled, single lane road, in the southern area of the park, from Moose toward Teton Village. The management plan would include road alignment, trailhead location, and access, among other considerations. During a 30-day period, the park received over 25-hundred comments.

Park official Andrew White says many of the comments will affect the next draft of the alternatives. One example, he says, is horses.

“In the preliminary alternatives we did not address horse use comprehensively, and we received a number of comments about that issue,” White says. “And going forward, the planning effort is going to take a good look at how we manage horse use in the corridor.”

White says the opinions expressed varied. 

“The take-home message for the park planning team was really the wide range of opinions, viewpoints, and ideas that we heard,” he says. “You know, no one perspective was predominant, we heard equal amounts of comments on both sides of just about every issue.”  

White says that the draft Environmental Impact Statement is scheduled for late summer 2015, and the public will have another opportunity to comment then.