Medicaid Expansion Dies For The Final Time

Feb 19, 2015

Medicaid expansion has been defeated again. 

The Wyoming House of Representatives soundly voted down an amendment to the state supplemental budget that would have provided federally funded Medicaid services to nearly 18-thousand low income Wyomingites. 

Cheyenne Republican Sue Wilson said the people who would qualify are working, but cannot afford insurance.

"I really suggest that you try going home and talking to the percentage of your county in poverty and look them in the face and tell them how you think they can spend half their income on a health care premium." 

But opponents say they don’t trust the projected costs to the state and worry that the federal government will not live up to its financial obligations. Cheyenne Republican Harlan Edmonds called it a socialist program that the state should reject.

“Wyoming of all states is in an excellent position to resist this, to stand tough, and provide leadership to the other states.” 

Edmonds says the free market is the best place to address health care issues. The vote ends discussions about Medicaid expansion for the rest of the legislative session.