Measures Concerning Abortion Pass Committee, Move To Senate

Feb 10, 2017

Credit Wikimedia Commons

After hours of testimony Thursday, two bills concerning abortion passed a Senate Committee.

House Bill 116 would make selling fetal tissue a felony. House Bill 182 would require doctors to tell women that they can see an ultrasound before having an abortion.

People on both sides of the issue came out to show their disapproval and support of the bills.

Mary Bowd is retired nurse from Cheyenne. She said letting women know they could see an ultrasound would be consistent with standard medical practice.

“All patients undergoing operating room procedures are fully informed prior to consent no matter how minor the procedure. Women planning abortions deserve the same,” said Bowd.

Lorinda Lindley of Laramie spoke against the bills, arguing that telling doctors what to say to patients was an overreach of the government.

“This bill would interfere with the patient doctor relationship and this interference is also unnecessary. Our medical doctors go to school for a long time and get a lot of training, and I think we can trust them with their judgments,” Lindley said.

Several people who testified against the measures said they were disappointed the bills ended up in the Senate Agriculture, State, Public Lands & Water Resources Committee, including Julie Armon of Cheyenne.

“It speaks to the total lack of respect for women’s choice to be put before this committee obviously as a quick route to the floor for consideration,” said Armon.

The bills now move to the Senate for further debate.