Mead: Pavillion contamination is concerning, but sale of Encana gas properties isn't

Nov 10, 2011

Over the years, Pavillion residents have complained about health problems, which they blame on oil and gas development in the area. Governor Matt Mead says he's keeping an eye on what happens at a public meeting over the situation tonight.

"I think everyone should be rightfully concerned about the Pavillion issue because we're not sure what's been going on out there," Mead said. "I know the EPA today is going to release some additional data that we're going to be eager to take a look at hopefully before any big conclusions are drawn one way or another."

On Dec. 1, oil and gas properties in the area owned by Encana will be sold to Legacy Reserves LP. But Mead says the sale should not have any effect on who would be responsible for the cleanup, if water contamination in the area is linked to energy development.

"This is not an opportunity for one company to pass off liability and have the liability disappear," Mead said. "I know people are concerned about that, but I don't see that as an issue with the sale because I think Encana has ben fairly blunt about saying that what if any liability that they have -- and who knows if they have any -- but what if any liability that they have would continue on through the sale."

Representatives from Encana and Legacy Reserves both failed to return calls about the sale or the meeting this evening.