Mead Appoints New Arts Council Members

Mar 20, 2014

Governor Matt Mead has appointed three new board members to the Wyoming Arts Council.

Nina McConigley

One of them is writer and University of Wyoming instructor Nina McConigley. McConigley published her first short story collection, “Cowboys and East Indians” late last year. She won a major Arts Council grant in 2010, an experience McConigley says gave her the confidence to finish her book.

“When you're an artist and you're alone, and working and you don't know if your project is worth anything, or you kind of lose a little faith, it's lovely to have an organization like the arts council come in and say what you're doing is valid, we really appreciate what you're doing, it's worth something.”

The Arts Council’s other new board members are former Cheyenne Symphony Director Chloe Illoway, and rancher and poet Sharon O’Toole of Savery. The Arts Council’s next public meeting is June 5th.