May 4th, 2018

Credit Wyoming Community Colleges/ENDOW/University of Wyoming

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More Adults With Degrees Transform Economy

Less than half of adults in Wyoming have completed education beyond high school. But Governor Matt Mead says for the sake of Wyoming’s economy that must change. In fact, his first executive order of 2018 called for 67 percent of Wyomingites to have advanced degrees by 2025. Wyoming Public Radio’s education reporter Tennessee Watson takes a look at what it will take to meet this goal. 

On The Brink: What Could Come Of A Westmoreland Bankruptcy

The eighth largest producer of coal in the country may soon face bankruptcy. Westmoreland Coal Company's stock has been in free fall over the last year and several of its primary customers are moving away from coal. With one of its mines right here in the state, Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports what bankruptcy could look like.

U.S. Senate Candidate Gary Trauner Hopes To Fix Washington

Democrat Gary Trauner announced earlier this year that he is seeking the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Senator John Barrasso. Trauner lost two previous bids for federal office losing to Barbara Cubin and Cynthia Lummis. Trauner has lived in Wyoming for 28 years and has been active in Teton County in a variety of roles including Chief Operating Officer of St. John’s Medical Center, co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of, a regional Internet Service Provider and Vice President of Finance of Teton Trust Company, one of the first private trust investment firms in the State of Wyoming. Trauner is also a former school board chairman and is currently Executive Director of the Jackson Hole Youth Lacrosse Club. He joins us to discuss some of his views. 

Barrasso Ignores Calls For A Hearing On EPA Administrator Pruitt

Despite the concern of others, Wyoming’s congressional delegation says EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has been great for the state’s industries and they don’t seem too worried about all the scandals hanging over him. Correspondent Matt Laslo has the story from Washington. 

"We're Simply Here:" Tribes Turn Out For Treaty Commemoration

Over the last few weeks, Native Americans from across the Northern Plains have been traveling toward Fort Laramie National Historic Site in Wyoming. They came by bus, by foot and as Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards found out, even by horse. She talked to two teenage boys from the Cheyenne River reservation, Hycen and Angel, out riding their horses around. 

A Wyoming And Montana Group Focuses On Supporting Emerging Women Archeologists

Last week the Wyoming Archaeological Society and the Montana Archaeological Society held a joint conference in Billings, Montana. Three years ago, women archaeologists from both Wyoming and Montana started a group called The Sisterhood of the Traveling Trowel. The group tries to help emerging women archaeologists in their careers. Crystal Allegria and Bonnie Smith are both members of the sisterhood and archaeologists in the Plains Country. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska speaks with both women on the need to help women archaeologists. She first asked Bonnie Smith what the group’s goal was this year.

Award-Winning Musician Gaelynn Lea Performs With Rock River School

Gaelynn Lea is an accomplished musician, most notably winning NPR’s 2016 Tiny Desk Concert. She plays the violin in an original way—upright, like a cello—to accommodate her small frame. She performs concerts all around the country, but last month, she a made an unusual detour to the Rock River School in southeastern Wyoming. She collaborated with students for a concert that became something much more. Tressa Versteeg has the story.