May 3rd, 2019

Credit Senator Mike Enzi (R)

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As The President Pitches Infrastructure Funding Wyoming Senators Worry About The Deficit

This week President Trump met with House Democratic leaders behind closed doors and he told them he wants to work with them to pump $2 trillion into the nation's ailing infrastructure. But Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi is worried about the $22 trillion debt.

The Coal Moratorium Is Under Review - What Now?

In 2016, the Obama administration halted new coal leasing on federal lands with a goal to re-examine the environmental impacts of the program. Just a year later, the Trump administration lifted that moratorium. Now - a federal judge in Montana is saying there should have been environmental analysis before re-opening the program. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim speaks with University of Wyoming law professor Sam Kalen to learn what all this means.

Forest Service Prairie Dog Plan Generates Debate

There are few Western issues as controversial as prairie dogs. Some people hate them because they cut down grass livestock need to eat. Others love them because they’re a keystone species…creating an ecosystem that attracts dozens of other species. Now the U.S. Forest Service has released a proposed plan for how to manage prairie dogs on the Thunder Basin National Grasslands in eastern Wyoming. That’s a place where the species has experienced huge swings in population in recent years. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards spoke with Dave Pallatz with the Thunder Basin Grasslands Prairie Ecosystem Association about their decades of experience participating in stakeholder collaborations.

Shopko Bankruptcy Means Some Rural Towns Lose Their Only Pharmacy

In small, rural towns across the Mountain West… big box stores are a vital part of the community. It’s where you get everything.  From your groceries to your big screen TV or even your winter puffy coat. It’s also where you can get your prescription medications. So, the small community of Bridger Valley was alarmed, when Shopko announced it was closing. But that’s when one guy in the community sprang into action. Nate Hegyi spent the day with him.

Former UW Grad Student Has Received Rave Reviews On His First Novel "TreeBorne"

The book TreeBorne is a about a woman name Janie Treeborne who lives in Elberta, Alabama. She’s being interviewed after learning that she may need to abandon her community after an old dam is about to break. The book takes us back through flash backs from her life and family that goes back many years and involves an odd cast of characters. The book was mostly written in Laramie by former University of Wyoming Master of Fine Arts student Caleb Johnson who grew up in small town Alabama. The book has been getting rave reviews. Johnson explains how he stumbled on a story like this. 

Artist Residency Uses Rich Landscapes To Help Inspire Artists

Wyoming is known across the country for outdoor recreation and oil and coal production. But its place in cultivating artists isn’t as well-known. One ranch in northeastern Wyoming uses its location to inspire artists and writers to create some award-winning work. Wyoming Public Radio’s Catherine Wheeler has more.

UW Alum Publishes New Book Of Stories

A University of Wyoming alum published her book of stories last month. Kali Fajardo-Anstine grew up in Denver. Her new book, Sabrina & Corina, tells the stories of indigenous Latina women in Colorado. Wyoming Public Radio’s Erin Jones talked with Fajardo-Anstine about dropping out of high school, her ancestors’ storytelling, and reaching new audiences.

StoryCorps: 'How's The Weather Up There, Cowboy?'

The Meeteetse Chocolatier has gotten lots of attention, but when Tim Kellogg was younger his fame was as a saddle bronc rider.  When Story Corps went to Jackson last summer he sat down with his friend Annessa Melnick to talk about his life before chocolate.