Martinez will serve time and pay restitution for misdemeanor battery

Aug 13, 2013

Luke Martinez

Former University of Wyoming basketball player Luke Martinez has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and is serving a sentence of 45 days in the Albany County Jail. 



Martinez was originally charged with felony aggravated assault and battery for kicking an unconscious man in the head following an altercation at Laramie’s Buckhorn Bar on December 30. The charges could have meant up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The victim said he could not attend attend Martinez’s trial because of a work commitment. Albany County Prosecutor Joshua Merseal says the victim’s absence hurt the case against Martinez.

Martinez admitted to kicking the man, but those charges were dismissed on Friday and new charges were filed.  He’s been ordered to pay $58,000 to the victim in the case and nearly $1,100 in fines and court costs.  A civil case by the victim is still pending.