Marjane Ambler, Atlantic City-Based Author And Journalist

Sep 9, 2014

Marjane Ambler in Atlantic City, Wyoming with her husband Terry Werhman.
Credit Marjane Ambler

My husband and I turn Wyoming Public Radio on from the time we get up and leave it on until we go to bed. When traveling around the state, we keep the guide to different translator numbers handy.

I like the locally produced news programs, such as the recent Open Spaces segment on how education has helped prisoners in Wyoming and specifics on how much money it saves by reducing recidivism. Thanks to Bob Beck for his legislative coverage and for recruiting and training strings of good reporters.

Thanks for the new cultural programming by Micah Schweizer.

We enjoy the nice mix of music with talk shows, especially your great morning DJs on weekdays (Grady and Paul) and Saturday morning (Tom Wilhelm).

Nationally, I find the news format very satisfying with a mix of depressing news and lifestyle type stories. I especially like Shankar Vedantam reports on social research and find myself referring to it often in conversations.

The engineers have been VERY helpful when we have had reception issues in Atlantic City.

My favorite programs:

  • Fresh Air
  • National Native News
  • American Routes
  • Thistle and Shamrock