Marijuana Reform Takes Baby Step At Legislature

Jan 31, 2017

Credit pixabay

Marijuana reform was a popular topic at the Wyoming Legislature on Tuesday with the House Judiciary Committee voting to support House Bill 197 to create a tiered penalty system.   

The bill would mean stiffer punishment for second, third and fourth possession convictions within ten years of the first, and would apply to possessions of less than three ounces. 

Laramie Representative Charles Pelkey has long-been a supporter of marijuana reform. He voted in favor of the bill, but ultimately he says he would like see a complete decriminalization.

"That was a compromise measure put out by a number of republicans, and I jumped on board not because I embrace the bill in its entirety, but because I see it as a baby step away from the status-quo, which I don’t like," said Pelkey. "I don’t like the status-quo and if we can make any progress in the proper direction, I’m gonna support it."


An additional marijuana bill that would have decriminalized possession of 3 ounces or less died in committee.