March In Riverton To Remember Native Americans Shot In 2015 Shooting

Jul 21, 2017

Peace marchers hold signs during the July 18 rally in Riverton.
Credit Darrah Perez

It's been two years since a white city employee opened fire at a Riverton detox center, killing one Native American and wounding another. To commemorate the tragedy, the community hosted a peace march.

About 80 people walked from the Center of Hope detox center down Main Street to the city park. Children carried signs that read, “Peace,” and “Lives Matter” and “Humanity 4 All.”

Organizer Ron Howard said the goal of the march was to raise awareness so the children of Riverton can grow up safely here.

“It kind of was on shaky ground three [sic] years ago when Stallone Trosper and Sonny Goggles were shot,” Howard said. “And for the sake of my kids and all the other kids in this community, I felt like something needed to be done.”

Once marchers reached the park, the Riverton Police Department’s Community Ombudsman Jane Juve was among those who spoke.

“I realized that if we are going to stop hate and instead love our neighbors, it’s a choice.”

Organizers say they’re grateful for a generous donation from a local business. They plan to use it to sponsor other community building events in Riverton in coming months.