March 5th, 2021

Mar 5, 2021

Credit Kamila Kudelska

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"The Spanish School:" Mexican Segregation In Northwest Wyoming

Usually segregation in school is something you heard about in the south. But it turns out Wyoming had segregated schools as well. Wyoming Public Radio's Kamila Kudelska goes back in history and takes a look at one such school in Worland.

A Tale Of Two Towns: Ghost Town(ing) Part 8

Some former Southern enslaved people and their descendants followed the American dream westward, where they created towns to homestead together. This is a tale of two of those towns-on either side of the Wyoming-Colorado border-and what today's small towns now can learn from their stories.

Late Japanese Artist's Legacy Reflects Hope Over Dark Times

The pandemic has put uncertainty at the forefront of many people's lives. It's forced many to believe and hope for better days, even if there's no end in sight.

In the town of Superior, Wyoming, near Rock Springs, there's a mural that reflects this resilient spirit. It's painted on a large, flat rock face along the Wyoming railroad line. And bears giant images of reclining nymphs, topped by Japanese characters that read, "People of the world, watch my future." That inscription proved true for the late northwest artist, Paul Horiuchi, who created this mural.

Naina Rao spoke with Horiuchi's son, Vincent, about how his father was able to believe in hope despite the hardships and challenges he faced.