March 23rd, 2018


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Cheney Debates Torture Accusations

Reports that President Trump’s pick to head the CIA oversaw the enhanced interrogation methods used under the Bush administration has sparked a debate about their validity in Congress. Matt Laslo reports from Washington that Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney is defending them even as critics say they amount to torture.

Lawmakers Have Mixed Thoughts About Economic Development Efforts

The Wyoming legislature spent roughly $40 million on a variety of economic development initiatives aimed at creating jobs and diversifying the economy. Some left the session very excited about what they did while others were anxious. Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck reports.

Two Evanston Community Leaders Model Civility Over Immigration Detention Center

The country’s debate over immigration is escalating, and now it’s arrived in Wyoming. A private company wants to build an immigration detention center on the outskirts of Evanston on Wyoming’s western border. This was met with great celebration by many local folks like Uinta  County Commissioner Craig Welling. To him, it means jobs.

Special Education Funding Cap Sets Hard Deadline For Innovations

In an effort to curb the rising costs of K-12 education, the state legislature voted to cap spending on special education and directed the Wyoming Department of Education to come up with efficiencies. While educators agree there’s room for improvements, they say Wyoming’s rural nature complicates things. Wyoming Public Radio’s education reporter Tennessee Watson takes a look.

Victim Advocates Call Legislative Session A Win Following #MeToo Movement

But lawmakers didn’t spend all their time reining in spending. Advocates for victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence are celebrating some big wins after this year’s legislative session. Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard spoke with Tara Muir, the public policy director for the Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, who has been characterizing this session in two different ways.

The Ongoing Debate Over How Coal Companies Pay Clean Up Costs

Self-bonding is a way for coal companies to guarantee clean-up costs without putting any money down. It’s been long criticized for its risk to taxpayers. Now, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has released proposed rules that would limit self-bonding. While some are happy to see changes in progress, Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports others say it’s too strict.

Guns A 'Way Of Life' For Some Mountain West Teens

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of teens are expected to march on D.C. and around the country calling for gun control.  Today we’re going to hear from two students in Montana and Wyoming who do NOT plan to march and are worried stricter gun control could change their way of life.

Mountain West Teens Speak Out On Guns

This Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people are expected at rallies for gun control across the country. And no one is speaking louder than those who inspired the rallies and who feel they have the most at stake: teens. We talked to two students inspired by the movement. First up, Ali Budner reports from Colorado Springs.