Management Council approves additional money for Hill Investigation

Oct 15, 2013

The Wyoming legislature’s management council voted unanimously today/Tuesday to provide 100-thousand dollars to a special committee investigating State Superintendent Cindy Hill. 

Hill is accused of mismanaging federal funds, abusing state resources, and creating a hostile work environment.  Hill has denied the allegations. 

Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau says they need extra help to complete what he says is a complicated investigation.  Normally the Legislative Service Office helps lawmakers with this work, but he says the L-S-O is limited by law in what they can do.

“Including going out and doing follow-up interview of witnesses and providing advice on policy types of decisions.  And so we asked for a budget to help us to get that kind of information that was necessary to bring this investigation to a close.”

Lubnau says the special committee still has a lot of work to do and it may take them until the end of the year.

“We’ve got thousands of pages to sort he said…she said testimony.  We are in the process now of whittling those issues down to those issues that the committee deems are necessary to have further legislative proceedings. “

Lubnau says after the committee receives and reviews all the evidence it will determine if Superintendent Hill should be impeached.