Man Sentenced 130 Days In Jail For Harassing A Bison

Aug 27, 2018

A man who was arrested for harassing a bison among other charges has been sentenced to 130 days in jail.

Raymond Reinke of Oregon was caught on video earlier this month taunting a bison on a road in Yellowstone National Park. The video went viral and soon after Glacier National Park rangers arrested him.

His list of charges included carrying an open container of alcohol in a car, being aggressive and dangerous under the influence and resisting arrest. He pleaded guilty to four charges in national parks.

In a news release, the Yellowstone deputy superintendent Pat Kenney said  “The judge’s decision today reinforces the park’s commitment toward protecting wildlife and other natural resources as well as our visiting public”

This is not the first time an individual has been sentenced for harassing wildlife in Yellowstone.