Lummis is willing to consider revenue increases along with cuts

Nov 3, 2011

Breaking with some members of their party, 40 House Republicans including Wyoming Representative Cynthia Lummis are urging the congressional' supercommittee on to consider all options for raising revenue as they hunt for ways to trim the national debt, including taxes.

That seemed to separate the 40 Republicans from many of their GOP colleagues, who have said they would only consider new revenue generated by a stronger economy.  Lummis says she would prefer to reduce the debt without raising taxes, but she adds that this is not an ideal world." She said the national debt is a problem both parties have created and must solve, and said she is not "an absolute `hell no' person when it comes to considering all options."

In 2008  Lummis signed a pledge by anti-tax activist Grover Norquist to oppose tax increases. But when asked about it this week she said in a quote "Grover Norquist is not in my district, I represent the state of Wyoming and its people."