Lummis will support removing funding from the Affordable Care Act

Aug 21, 2013

Wyoming Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis says she supports efforts in the House of Representatives to de-fund the Affordable Care Act. 

Lummis says there are too many problems with the health care overhaul, starting with the individual mandate. That says everyone must purchase insurance or face a fine.  The idea is that with more people getting health insurance, health care costs will go down.  But Lummis met with a group of young male Wyoming workers who convinced her that the idea won’t work.

“They really see themselves as not going to fill out a bunch of paperwork , not going to pay for health insurance that they feel they don’t need and they are going to be the exact people that Obama care was designed to bring into the system and they are the people that are least likely to be brought into the system voluntarily.” 

Lummis says she hopes to at least delay the overhaul by voting to remove funding.

“At a very, very bare minimum…I’d like to delay it for a year.  My ultimate goal will be defund and eventually repeal Obama care.  I am not a support of Obama care.”

The vote will take place when Congress returns from its August recess.