Lummis and Henrichsen favor differing fixes to Congressional stalemate

Aug 21, 2012

U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis and Democrat Chris Henrichsen both ran unopposed in today’s primaries, and they’ll be facing each other in November.

The two candidates say they have different approaches to working with their colleagues across the aisle.

Lummis says ending the stalemate in Congress is simple.

“To end the stalemate in Congress, I would elect Mitt Romney president; I would have a Republican Senate and a Republican House of Representatives,” Lummis said. “Because what we have going is a battle of philosophies and ideas. Yes, there is room for compromise, but you cannot compromise on your fundamental philosophies.”

In contrast, Henrichsen, a political scientist at Casper College, says he’s confident he could broker agreements regardless of which parties are in power.

“I come from a Republican family. My neighbors are mostly Republicans. I go to church with almost all Republicans,” Henrichsen said. “So for me, being able to work with Republicans from the West – being able to work with Republicans on the other side of the aisle – that’s what I do all the time.”

Lummis says if she’s re-elected, her priorities would include repealing the Affordable Care Act and doing more to promote the energy industry.

Henrichsen also says he’ll support the energy industry in Wyoming, but he disagrees with Lummis about the Affordable Care Act.

He adds that even though Lummis has far more money in her war chest, he’s optimistic he’ll be able to win over Wyoming voters by taking the time to talk with them and listen to them on the campaign trail.