Low Income Housing Solutions Suggest Jackson Pay For Infrastructure

Sep 29, 2016


Two new housing proposals in Jackson recommend that the town pay for infrastructure improvements on behalf of private developers, as long as they limit access to those facilities to lower income renters.

Mayor Sara Flitner said private developers are usually responsible for building their infrastructure as needed. But because the cost of housing has eclipsed wages in Jackson, Flitner said the town council is considering an exchange of infrastructure improvements, such as water and sewage, for income restrictions on new development’s housing.

Flitner said such deed restrictions would limit renters to people with certain job titles, such as for teachers or hospitality workers. Many Jackson workers are forced to live outside the city limits.

Flitner added the town council does need to be careful about giving public funds to private developers. For that reason, the town’s professional staff and analysts have been asked to study the pros and cons of the proposals.

“We want to go as quickly as we can possibly go because people need housing now,” Flitner said. “We also have to go mindfully and methodically forward because rushing to a half-baked plan or idea is not going to serve anyone well.”

The two proposals will be discussed at the next two Jackson Town Council meetings on October 3 and 17 at 6 p.