Local Advocacy Group Protests Cheney Visit

Feb 17, 2015

Protesters gather to speak out against the former Vice President.
Credit Caroline Ballard.

Protesters gathered Tuesday at an event on the University of Wyoming campus to protest former vice president Dick Cheney. Cheney and his wife Lynne were in Laramie for a discussion of her new book about James Madison.

About 15 protesters from the group Wyoming Citizens Against Torture stood outside the entrance of the University's Gateway Center, holding signs saying "Arrest Cheney Now" and "Torture Is A War Crime."

Laramie Resident Bob Strayer helped organize the protest.

"He’s a homeboy and we thought it was only appropriate that people from Wyoming that are opposed to torture stand up and speak out against it and against what he did," said Strayer.

Activist and resident Thomas Redding came out with his 13 year old daughter Kendra Redding.

"I kind of read up on it myself and I didn’t realize how against I am to torture and I felt that I should come support this group even more," said Kendra.

Cheney didn't interact with the protesters.