Live Opera Comes To Stay In Wyoming

Oct 11, 2018

Credit Opera Wyoming

Friday evening, Casper residents can experience the first performance of the newly created Opera Wyoming.

Daniel Quintana is one of its founders. After some time performing in New York City, he moved with his wife, an opera singer and Wyomingite, to Wyoming. He said they realized the need and interest in opera right away.

"A lot of people been to opera and can't get out to opera. It's an experiment in a 420-year-old art form basically in a new market," said Quintana. Quintana said Opera Wyoming will make an effort to travel and perform around the state.

"We really want to make sure that the emphasis is on the community. We'll have a core group of singers but then we'll also collaborate with any artists on the town."

The company's first season opens Friday in Casper with A Night at the Opera. Quintana says they chose this as a concert accessible to opera beginners and longtime fans alike. The last performance in February will be an opera chosen by the public.