Listen To The First Debate Between Candidates For Wyoming's U.S. House Seat

May 3, 2016

Nine of the 10 candidates vying for Wyoming's U.S. House seat

Meet The Candidates 

Dr. Rex Rammell is a veterinarian from Gillette. In 2008 he was an Idaho candidate for the United States Senate and in 2010 a candidate for governor.  He is author of the book, "A Nation Divided: the War for America's Soul."  Dr. Rammell considers himself a firebrand constitutional conservative who believes the answer to many of Wyoming's problems can be solved with the Federal transfer of public lands.  

Liz Cheney is a former official in the U.S. State Department where she focused on policy in the Middle East.  Ms. Cheney is a former Fox News Contributor, the co-founder of an alliance for a strong America, the former chair of the organization Keep America Safe and she co-authored a book with Vice President Cheney on why the world needs a strong America.  

Darek Farmer was born in Platte County in 1983 and hails from a family who homesteaded here and have been in Wyoming for the past century. Mr. Farmer is a former college golfer and a $2,500 award winner of the UW John P. Ellbogen Entrepreneurship Competition. Mr. Farmer believes jobs are the biggest issue facing Wyoming today.

Jason Senteney is a Torrington native who joined the Marines in 1996 and later transitioned from the Marine Corps to a job as a television photojournalist.  Currently, Senteney is in Torrington where he works as a Corrections Officer for the State of Wyoming, and serves as a volunteer firefighter and on the Air Quality Small Business Compliance Advisory Panel. He ran for the U.S. House seat in 2014. 

Tim Stubson is a Wyoming native who graduated from Cody High School.  He’s a Casper Attorney who was elected to the Wyoming legislature in 2008 and was a member of the House leadership and served on the Appropriations Committee.  Representative Stubson has also volunteered for a number of causes in central Wyoming. 

Leland Christensen served for 15 years in the 19th Special Forces Airborne Army and the National Guard. He also worked in both the Teton County and Lincoln County Sheriff’s offices. Christensen was twice elected to the Teton County Board of Commissioners and is currently serving his second term in the Wyoming Senate where he is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Paul Paad is the Director of safety and personnel at PC Transport Inc. in Casper.  He came to Wyoming from Michigan in 1984 and has been involved in small business.  He ran for the Natrona County Board of County Commissioners in 2014.  He lobbied for the rights of Wyoming citizens to carry concealed guns without a permit. 

Darin Smith is a Rock Springs native, who has spent the last 11 years working for the Christian Broadcasting Network as a development executive. Mr. Smith is a former University of Wyoming wrestler and maintains a practice as Cheyenne Attorney.  He’s also active in volunteer causes. 

Charlie Tyrell owns a Pizza Business in Casper.  Prior to that he was a commercial pilot for 12 years, flying for both Wyoming Life Flight and the University of Wyoming.  He also spent 15 years as a surface coal miner in the Powder River Basin. Charlie has held several appointed and elected positions in his career.