Legislature Agrees To Spend $2.5 Million On Hospitals

Mar 6, 2015

Credit Bob Beck / Wyoming Public Radio

The Wyoming Legislature has approved a bill that is intended to help hospitals in the state cover costs for patients who cannot afford to pay for health care. 

After lawmakers rejected the $100 million a year in federal funds that would have come from Medicaid Expansion, this was viewed as a last ditch attempt to help hospitals. But opponents say the bill just throws money at the problem.

Senate Labor and Health Committee Chairman Charles Scott says the two and a half million dollars in the bill will help some of the small hospitals in the state.

“This is just a stop gap, the problem may be that’s it’s not gonna be enough, I hope it will be enough to carry us through another year. We’re developing serious problems with a number of our hospitals.”

Scott says his committee will spend the next several months trying to find a more permanent solution. The bill goes to the governor for his consideration.