Legislative committee will be asked to support Medicaid Expansion

Nov 4, 2013

A group from Fremont County will rally before a legislative meeting Tuesday/Today to encourage the committee support expanding the state’s Medicaid program. 

The Joint Health and Labor committee will consider a revised expansion proposal from the Department of Health that would provide a limited expansion of Medicaid. 

Another proposal would set up a private insurance option within the Medicaid program… while a third would authorize a pilot program for those on the Wind River Reservation.   Fremont County Democratic Party Chairman Bruce Palmer favors a full Medicaid expansion for all those who qualify under the Affordable Care Act.  But he says there is a strong need on the Wind River Reservation.

“The Wyoming Department of Health indicates that there will be about 17,600 people covered under the optional Medicaid Expansion.  In meeting recently with some folks from the reservation their numbers are showing that at least 3100 of those would be residents of the Wind River Indian Reservation.”

The committee will consider the proposals Tuesday morning.