Lawmakers Pleased With Efficiency Efforts

Dec 20, 2017

Credit Wyoming Legislature

An effort to become more efficient within state government could generate several million dollars in savings.  


The legislature’s management council was told that consolidating human resources, using technology more effectively, and more aggressively going after grants in education could provide the state millions of dollars.  


Senator Drew Perkins said if departments find savings they can keep much of the money to use for other projects. State Auditor Cynthia Cloud said the workload for manual labor has been increasing, so technology will definitely help.


“If you use technology and leverage that technology, the technology will handle that workload, not the people. So you may not recognize an immediate short term savings, but those long-term savings will be huge to the state.”


Members of the legislative management council say they like where the study is going. Perkins said it’s important that they get buy-in from the executive branch of Wyoming government.