Lawmakers Move Forward With Gaming Regulations

Feb 25, 2020

Credit Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming Legislature has high hopes of debating some gaming bills this session including the establishment of a new gaming commission.

Video gambling terminals have been growing in Wyoming and communities have struggled with how to regulate them. Under the proposed legislation the Gaming Commission would set up rules for regulating games, but it also allows many games to go unregulated while the rules are established.

Golden Entertainment Lobbyist Neal Tomlinson said the commission should be allowed to make rules right away.

"Going ahead to allow certain types of games is fine. But it should be an orderly process whereby the gaming commission evaluates the machines, licenses the entities and permits each individual machine and certifies those machines and thereby having a level playing field," he said.

Wyoming Sheriff's and Chiefs of Police lobbyist Byron Oedekoven agreed that the bill needs to be tightened up to make it clear that certain games are not legal. Supporters said that regulated gaming could be a significant revenue boost for the state.

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