Lawmaker Tries To Educate Dems About Energy

Jul 28, 2016

Mary Throne
Credit Wyoming Legislature Service

A Wyoming legislator is hoping to change some minds during this week’s Democratic National Convention.  

House Minority Leader Mary Throne said energy is important to Wyoming and she is concerned that the Democratic platform is anti-fossil fuels. Throne added that Democrats from non-energy producing states don’t seem to understand the role oil, natural gas, and coal play in the national economy. 


During this week's DNC, Throne said she is working with Democrats from other energy states to try and educate people.

“I think people on the coast don’t really have the connection with natural resources that we do in Wyoming, and one reason I wanted to come, and I think it’s important for people like me to be here is to, you know, just participate in the process so we have a place at the table.”


Throne says she is taking baby steps in an effort to change minds.