Larger Outdoor Gatherings Allowed, Housing Assistance Expands Aid

Aug 12, 2020

Credit Kamila Kudelska

Gov. Mark Gordon is extending the state's existing health orders-except for one change. Beginning Sunday, August 16, outdoor venues can hold gatherings up to 1,000 people or 50 percent of its capacity with social distancing measures.

Gordon said previous outdoor events have shown that it is safe to expand the order.

"After seeing outdoor events, including rodeos, occur without corresponding spikes in case numbers, it seemed only appropriate that we expand the number of people permitted to gather for outdoor events," said Gordon.

This will allow schools to hold outdoor events, like sporting events. The Governor said although hospitalizations are trending up, he feels that the state has been on the right track since the beginning of the month.

Additionally, at a press conference on Wednesday, the Wyoming Emergency Housing Assistance Program announced it has made some rule changes that will allow more people to qualify for aid.

Executive Director of Wyoming Community Development Authority Scott Hoversland said about 20 percent of applications were denied because of the requirement for a 30 percent co-pay. This meant if a household had any income coming in, 30 percent of that income had to go towards housing payment.

As of Wednesday, August 12, the co-pay will be 10 percent. Hoversland said the definition of household has also changed.

"A household applies to only the applicant, spouse and domestic partner," said Hoversland. "Previously it included roommates and children over the age of 18."

He said even if an individual has already applied, they should reapply since they may be eligible under the new rules. To find out more visit

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