Laramie Schools Weigh New Policy For Transgender Students

Aug 20, 2015

Laramie High School
Credit Alliance for Historic Wyoming via Flickr Creative Commons

Officials at Albany County School District One are considering a new policy to protect and support transgender and gender nonconforming students.

The proposed policy would prevent schools in Laramie and surrounding areas from requiring students to use restrooms or play on sports teams that conflict with the gender identity they express at school.

District assistant superintendent Mike Hamel says the policy lays a broad framework for supporting and protecting transgender students on a case-by case basis, stressing privacy.

“We think it’s important to make sure all of our students feel safe and secure and have an opportunity to receive their education in as stress-free an environment as possible,” Hamel says.

The proposed rules say District staff must address students according to their preferred gender pronouns. They also provide guidance for handling student records and call for teaching students about gender diversity and acceptance. 

“I think that we’re always trying to make sure we keep our policies up to date,” says Hamel. “Just looking nationally, looking statewide, and looking inside of Albany County, there’s a need to make sure we update this policy.”

The Albany County School District 1 Board passed the policy in its first reading last week, launching a 45-day comment period. The text can be viewed in-full at the Albany County School District One website.

It’s expected to go back to the Board for a second reading in October.