Laramie residents opine on the legislature this session.

Feb 22, 2013

The Wyoming State Legislature heard a variety of colorful issues this session—from concealed gun laws, to abortion and gay marriage, to the controversy surrounding the removal of Cindy Hill’s main duties as Superintendent of Education. As the session comes to a close next week, Wyoming Public Radio’s Sara Hossaini talked to people outside of the Albany County Courthouse to see what issues they were following and how their representatives measured up.

CHRIS SHERWOOD: My name’s Chris Sherwood. The only thing I really heard about is all the gay marriage stuff. I heard it passed in one part of it but not another, which I guess is indicative of politics. But, if it doesn’t affect you then I don’t see what the big deal is.

ROB BRESS: My name is Rob Bress. I think they did a poor job. I think that the marriage equality act that they voted down was badly thought out and not very representative of the equality state that we’re supposedly living in. And I think that what they did with the department of education was kind of a travesty. And I think it’s a bunch of the cool kids trying to get their way whether or not the electorate wants it that way or not.

JAN RAY SETAKI: I’m Jan Ray Setaki, I’m from here in Laramie. I’m just very glad that they addressed the issue with Cindy Hill. I commend them for that.

PHIL ROBERTS: Phil Roberts, I teach Wyoming History. Some of this craziness that I don’t like is for instance, this law that makes it illegal for a federal officer to enforce federal gun laws if in fact it ever comes to that. Don’t those people recognize that we did have a civil war in this country and it was the north that won?

DAN FRIEJE: Dan Frieje. I don’t think people should be allowed to have guns on college campuses. Because an environment where people between the ages of 18 and 22 are getting drunk on the weekends is not the ideal environment for violent weapons.

JEN DAVIS: Jen Davis. I actually work for the Clerk’s office and so we were really interested in the legislation that increases the fees for car titles and marriage licenses because it would increase our revenues for the county.

TAD BUTTERFIELD: Tad Butterfield. Just the lottery bill’s the only one I’ve been paying attention to. Hopefully they pass it. I don’t really see the morality issues that they bring up.

SUE DEYOUNG: My name is Sue DeYoung. I hope the Wyoming legislature gets the lottery through because I think it’s a good source of revenue for our state… rather than give it to our other neighbors.

MARK DOYLE: My name’s Mark Doyle. I’m kinda anxious to find out what this rainy day is that we’re saving for so much. You know my wife’s involved with the junior college curriculums and things like that and it’s been quite a while since she’s had a raise.

JULIE FERTIG: Julie Fertig. I live in Rock River. They’re talking about raising the gas taxes. And they’re talking about whether or not they’re  gonna even remove our post office. I mean it’s bad enough we have to drive 45 minutes to come to the store, but who can afford to do that everyday to get our mail?

TRACY FLETCHER: Tracy Fletcher. They were talking about the fuel tax and that increased. And I guess it kinda brings Wyoming up to other levels although everybody’s expenses are going up it makes it tough for everybody.

BARRY ALLEN O’REILLY: Barry Allen O’Reilly. You have almost reverse radar for political thinkers because I am such a caveman when it comes to the entire world of politics, I really don’t know anything about any of it.