Laramie Mural Project Invites Public To Paint-By-Numbers

Jun 17, 2015

Credit Rebecca Golden

The Laramie Mural Project is asking the community to get involved. The next mural in the series is paint-by-number. Senior mural artist Meghan Meier says the design won’t come into focus until painting begins on Saturday, June 20th.

“That is top secret actually,” said Meier. “We haven’t set it up yet. I’ll start lining it out and filling in what number goes where…Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, I’ll be working on that.”

Starting Saturday morning, the public is invited to paint in one-hour shifts over the coming week. Ten to 15 people can work on the mural at a time. Meier says it’s OK if the final result isn’t perfect. “And I think you just kind of have to roll with that. For the most part I think we are trying to embrace the fact that it’s not going to be 100% perfect, that it’s the community’s work, not just our work.”

The new mural will be located at First Street Plaza in downtown Laramie.