Laramie looks to grow public art

Jul 18, 2013

The city of Laramie has just received a 25-thousand-dollar grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to help bring more public art to the area.

The grants are designed to improve the quality of life in communities by encouraging creative activities and beautification projects.

Credit Laramie Mural Project

Paul Harrison is the director of Laramie’s Parks and Recreation department. He says that their grant application built on past successes in Laramie, which have brought murals and outdoor sculptures to public spaces around town. This grant will enable the department to engage the public and local businesses in the project.

 “We really want to see public art and sculpture in public places continue to thrive and grow and be representative of what the community wants.”

The parks department will be hiring a part-time project coordinator, who will work with several civic groups, citizens, and artists to create a plan for selection and maintenance of public art in the city. More information will be available on Laramie’s parks and recreation website.