Laramie To Host First Pridefest

Jun 16, 2017

Credit Photo by Benson Kua via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0

Laramie will host its first pridefest this month.

Pridefest organizer Robert West said this is a momentous occasion for Laramie since the town became so well-known after the murder of Matthew Shepard.

“There is still this perception Wyoming represents what happened 20 years ago with Matthew Shepard. And I think Laramie and Wyoming have a long ways to go to be fully inclusive and accepting of LGBT people, but it’s important that this Pridefest is happening in Laramie to show that there has been movement; there has been growth,” West said.

The celebration of the LGBT community will feature a drag show, a dance party, a potluck, and a candlelight vigil. West said they wanted to end the event on a more somber note.

“While this is a great time to celebrate with our potluck in the park and our drag show and our dance night, those are great events and they’re definitely important, it’s also important to know where we come from. And to know that violence against queer bodies and LGBT people is a still a huge reality not only in Wyoming and America but across the world,” said West.

Laramie Mayor Andi Summerville is scheduled to make a proclamation on the 20 declaring June as LGBT Pride month in the city. LGBT Pride month in the city.

Similar festivals have already taken place this month in Casper and Cheyenne, and pride lunches are planned in Rock Springs and Lander. The two-day event in Laramie will take place June 23 and 24.