Laramie Could Lose Thousands Over New Funding Formula

Feb 17, 2020

Credit Downtown Laramie

Laramie could lose $400,000 over two years in state funding under a formula approved by the Wyoming Senate last week.

The Senate approved a distribution formula Friday that provided $105 million in community funding across the state, and Laramie was the big loser. Laramie Democrat Chris Rothfuss tried to reduce the cut, but his amendment was voted down. Senate Appropriation Chairman Eli Bebout said the goal was to funnel more money to some of the state's poorer communities. Rothfuss suggested that they try again.

"If you're trying to help out poorer communities, it didn't work. The largest of those hardship communities, my community, lost $200,000 per year, $400,000 for the biennium," noted Rothfuss. "So that doesn't seem to be the objective. And if it was, we should really lay it back again and re-work it."

The Senate passed the measure, but the House now has a chance to make changes when it considers the bill.

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