Laramie Could Be On Its Way To Net Carbon Neutrality

Feb 7, 2020

The Environmental Advisory Committee was asked for the first time by the City of Laramie to create an emissions reduction plan for the city.
Credit Ivy Engel

This past December, the City of Laramie commissioned the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) to create an emissions reduction plan with the end goal of net carbon neutrality - offsetting our carbon emissions with carbon removal techniques. 

The plan, which was presented for the first time on Feb. 6 by a special subcommittee of the EAC, consists of six broad and eight targeted actions that will help Laramie become carbon neutral by 2050.

Some of the broad recommendations include establishing neutrality goals and educating the public, while some targeted actions include replacing maintenance equipment with more efficient models and installing solar panels on municipal buildings.

"We, of course, would have liked to have done a lot more. But this is a starting point that can be built from, especially if we have a comprehensive plan developed from these," said subcommittee member Alec Muthig during the presentation.

"We have to balance between the reality of trying to get people to buy into that and our own abilities versus trying to be aggressive enough so that changes could be made. I think we tried to go as aggressive as possible realizing that the need is, for lack of a better term, dire," subcommittee member, Eric Krszjzaniek, explained of the decision-making process.

The room was full and multiple audience members spoke in support of the plan, including several City Council members.

"The public support was absolutely unbelievable. I mean, everybody here seemed very excited, not just interested, but excited that we had actually put together these specific recommendations for carbon neutrality, and that the city actually asked for them," Muthig said.

The EAC accepted the recommended plan pending minor revisions. As soon as the revisions are made, it will move to the City Council for further review, discussion, and possible adoption.

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