Kristi Racines Wins Auditor In GOP Primaries

Aug 23, 2018

Credit Kristi Racines

Republican Kristi Racines will face Democrat Jeff Dockter in November to become the state auditor.

Racines along with her Republican primary opponent Nathan Winters and Democratic opponent has pushed transparency as the most important issue for the auditor's office. Racines said this is especially true because the current state auditor, Cynthia Cloud, is dealing with a lawsuit over a failure to hand over public records involving state vendors. 

“That [the lawsuit] really has brought it [transparency] to light. That this is an issue in Wyoming and has been for some time,” Racines said. “I think that most folks want to see the same thing: we want to know where our money's going.”

She said she’s in a better position than her Democratic opponent because she understands the way data flows through a system. By changing some structural issues of inputting data, she said there could be more transparency.

”The issue is, there is certain information that can’t be made public…you know private health information that sort of thing…intermingled with a whole lot of data that can and should be shared with the public.”

She said transparency will be the biggest challenge because it involves the legislature making an investment to get it fixed.