Kids! Have Fun But Watch Out For The Summer Slide

May 14, 2019

Credit Collage by Tennessee Watson

Summer break can cause students to lose some of what they have worked hard to learn during the school year. Jillian Balow, Wyoming's Superintendent of Public Instruction, said there are ways to prevent what's called summer slide. 

She said communities across the state are offering summer programming in a variety of settings.

"Those activities might be coordinated by libraries, by schools, maybe community colleges or even churches," said Balow.

She encouraged families to explore what's available locally.

"Any engagement by students in learning activities over the summer really helps address that summer set back," said Balow.

Learning setbacks are most common with reading and math, explained Balow. Research indicates summer slide disproportionately impacts kids from low-income families.

"Anyway that we can give kids a boost, whether they go to public school, private school or are homeschooled, is great."

The Wyoming Department of Education provides resources like the Summer Math Challenge and Find A Book on its website to help engage students while on summer break.