KIDS COUNT Highlights Disparities And Best Practices

Aug 1, 2018

Credit Graphics courtesy of the Wyoming Community Foundation

Why do more moms have access to prenatal care in Johnson County than other parts of Wyoming? Why does Crook County have the highest on-time high school graduation rates?  

These are among the questions emerging from the 2018 Wyoming KIDS COUNT Data Book produced by the Wyoming Community Foundation, or WCF, and the Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center. The report is released every two years and gives a county-by-county look at approximately 30 indicators, ranging from education to family income to healthcare.

This year's report indicates, for example, that Platte and Fremont Counties have the highest percentage of children without health insurance, while Albany, Laramie, Lincoln and Crook counties have the lowest percentage.

WCF's Communications Director Micah Richardson said the important next step is to find out more about what's behind these kinds of disparities.

“When we look at these numbers, and you look at one county and they are doing really well — their kids are doing well in education and families seem strong — what is happening in that community that is letting them happen?” said Richardson. “And then when you look at other counties and they are struggling, what are those things that are happening there? What do we need to address that can make changes and make all ships kind of rise?”

Richardson wants the Data Book to get in the hands of legislators and stakeholders — from education to healthcare — whose decisions impact the lives of Wyoming kids.

The report can be found at