Keystone Fire Near Centennial Continues To Burn

Jul 5, 2017

A forest fire continues to burn in the Medicine Bow National Forest and forest officials say they expect it to grow. The fire is burning in a dense forest that features beetle-killed trees. Medicine Bow National Forest spokesman Aaron Voos says that recent fires that have burned in similar areas have grown substantially.  

Credit U.S. Forest Service

“From what we understand the fire activity is picking up. I think it’s mostly due to the hot dry weather, which is making the fuels receptive to the fire.”

Voos says firefighters are working hard to fireproof homes and cabins in the area. He says many are at risk which is why they evacuated residents earlier this week, especially in the Keystone area. 

“The fire is kind of on multiple sides of those cabins, it’s kind of cabins spread up and down those roads and draws, creeks, and drainages in that area. But from the northern most tip the fire is very close, within maybe an eighth of a mile to a quarter mile.”

A type two incident team has taken over management of the fire. They will use hand crews, engines, and aircraft to fight the blaze.