Kathy Daulton - Star Valley Ranch WY

Sep 15, 2014

Hello WPM,

My husband and I were raised in Torrington and Cheyenne, met at UW, taught in the state for for 14 years, then left to teach overseas for the next 35! With retirement in 2002, we found the perfect property in Star Valley Ranch, now Wyoming's newest town only 2 miles from the state's newest Scenic Byway.  

I love both jazz and classical music and had learned to search for them on the radio in Europe and Latin America. So as I fiddled the dial at our new home, I was astounded to find WPR! The WPR music stations were still to come, but it was incredible to hear news from the entire state -- a first! I continue to be thrilled that I can drive the entire state and keep WPR on the air almost everywhere, AND hear WPR Jazz and Classical stations too. Thank you.