Kanye West Changes Plans To Meditation Auditorium

Nov 20, 2019

Park County Planning and Zoning Commissioners expressed frustration with Kanye West's changing plans on his property just south of Cody.

Kanye West is planning to build a meditation auditorium on the Ranch he purchased earlier this year. Because the auditorium is so big, it is considered a large impact structure that required a special use permit. That permit has to be approved by the Park County Planning and Zoning Commission.

At the commissioners meeting, the rapper's representative said the structure will now be West's residency. The circular structure would be the same, but resident pods would surround it.

City planners and commissioners expressed frustration with the sudden change. They said a residency is a different classification which calls for utilities, as well as other amenities.

Marion Morrison, the chairwoman of the commission, said transparency is needed from the landowner.

"We need to know when it [project] comes to this meeting that we're all talking about the same thing. So, it makes use of your design work and all the time you put into it and our time in reviewing and respects regulations that the public has put in place in this county."

West's representative, Kane Morris, apologized multiple times and said this was the rapper's effort of being transparent.

Commissioner Linda Putney said the last minute change abused the county's regulations.

"To come here and basically not tell us the truth… that's not okay," she said.

The commissioners denied the proposal and told the rapper's representative to communicate with the landowner to approach the commission when he has a long-term plan ready for his property.

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