June 8th, 2018

Credit Bob Beck

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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Sam Galeotos Is Focused On Wyoming's Future

Cheyenne businessman Sam Galeotos is running as a Republican candidate for governor. He says he’s running because he’s worried about Wyoming’s future. Galeotos is a Wyoming native who sits on the board for Green House Data in Cheyenne.

Earlier in life, he left Cheyenne and had success in the online travel industry. He tells Bob Beck that he’s very interested in growing new businesses in Wyoming.

Faces Behind The Fires: The Meteorologist

Wildfire season is ramping up across our region. There are all sorts of people involved in waiting, watching and fighting them -- people you might not expect. We’re profiling some of them in our series, Faces Behind The Fires. Today, Rae Ellen Bichell introduces us to Makoto Moore in Pueblo, Colorado.

State Board Of Education Member Describes The Process For Developing Ed Standards

Summer break is in full swing, and across Wyoming high school graduates are moving forward. But who determines what it takes to get that diploma? Wyoming Public Radio's education reporter Tennessee Watson reached out to the Sue Belish of the Wyoming State Board of Education, who tells us how statewide standards get created. 

Candidate For Governor Mary Throne Hopes To Get Rid Of Wyoming's Boom And Bust Cycle

Cheyenne Attorney, Campbell County Native, and former State Representative Mary Throne says she is running for governor to hopefully change Wyoming’s thinking when it comes to the economy. She says Wyoming can continue to have a thriving energy economy and not be a boom and bust state. Throne says that lawmakers have made the boom and bust a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Bat-Killing Fungus Arrives In Wyoming, Will Likely Spread

Bats get a bad rap in pop culture, but they save around $3 billion dollars a year in pest services. Now, for the first time, Wyoming is facing its first case of a rapidly-spreading, bat-killing fungus. That fungus is known to cause white-nose syndrome, a disease that's already killed millions of bats across the eastern U.S. and Canada. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports why just one eastern Wyoming bat with the dangerous fungus is so concerning.

LGBTQ Scholarships, A First For Wyoming

Starting this fall, Wyoming Equality will offer scholarships specifically for LGBTQ students. Melanie Vigil, the vice chair of the organization’s board, spoke with Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen about how the scholarships will be the first of their kind in the state.