June 28th, 2019

Credit Peabody Energy

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Making Sense Of The Massive Arch-Peabody Deal

Two of the largest coal producers are combining forces to better compete with natural gas and renewable energy. Peabody and Arch Coal are consolidating seven of their mines - five in Wyoming and two in Colorado. They hope to save over $800 million over the next decade, but await regulatory hurdles before sealing the deal. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim talks to S & P Global Market Intelligence coal reporter Taylor Kuykendall. He explains what the collaboration means for the companies, the coal industry, and Wyoming going forward.

Wyoming Senators Are Mixed On Trump Health Costs Proposal

This week President Trump signed another executive order that his administration says could help lower medical costs, but it’s being met with skepticism by some – including one in the Wyoming congressional delegation. Correspondent Matt Laslo has the details from Washington.

City Administrator Debate Continues In Sheridan

In 2015, Sheridan’s city council decided to create a city administrator position to handle some of the day-to-day responsibilities of running the city. It was just the latest move in a longstanding debate in town. Sheridan’s city council is considering an ordinance to affirm the city administrator's duties.

As Foreign Markets Grow, American Ranchers Beef About How To Stay Competitive

When it comes to beef - made in America doesn’t necessarily mean it was made here. That’s because if the cow was raised in another country  it can be labeled with a USDA sticker as long as it was processed here. As Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen reports that has ranchers in a beef with each other over what to do about it.

"Wyoming Is Dying For Activists Right Now And I'm Not There"

June is Pride Month. So this first installation of the "Belonging" series is a conversation between Connor Sears and Jesse Archambeau. They're both 2018 Cheyenne East High School grads who left for college in Peoria, Illinois where a more prominent LGBTQ community has helped them to foster their own identities. Now, they struggle with the reality that their absences perpetuate a trend that leaves Wyoming's queer youth without the mentorship they themselves yearned for.

Super Speedy Internet Coming Soon To the Wind River Reservation

For the last few years, both the Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho Tribes have been working to bring fiber optics to the Wind River Reservation. A lack of broadband connectivity is a problem across rural America, and it can be even harder in Indian Country. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards reports.

A Journalist Wanted To Understand Western Water Rights. So She Paddled The Green River.

In 2016 author and journalist Heather Hansman set out to paddle the Green River from its start in the Wind River Mountains 700 miles to its confluence with the Colorado River in Utah. Her goal was to understand this tributary - who got to use its water and why. Now she is out with a new book called Downriver. She told Wyoming Public Radio's Caroline Ballard why she chose the Green River.

Renovated Firearm Museum Wants To Add Context To Gun History

On Saturday July 6th the newly renovated Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West will reopen its doors to the public. It's long been home to one of the largest firearm collections in the world. As Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska reports, the museum is trying to move away from just a display of guns to telling a story of the role of firearms in American culture.

Nationally Recognized Wyoming Leather Carver Says State Inspires His Work

A Wyoming artist, James Jackson has received a National Heritage Fellowship. It's the nation's highest honor that celebrates traditional and folk art. Jackson is most well-known for his intricate leather carving and spent most of his career at King's Saddlery in Sheridan. Wyoming Public Radio's Catherine Wheeler sat down with Jackson in his leather shop at the Brinton Museum to talk about how his career has been infused with Wyoming's culture.