July 31st, 2020

Jul 31, 2020

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Rep. Cheney And Wyoming's Senators Differ With The President Regarding COVID-19

In a rarity these days, the entire Wyoming congressional delegation disagrees with President Donald Trump on his response to coronavirus…even if they don't dare phrase it that explicitly. Correspondent Matt Laslo has the story from Washington on how our delegation's science-based responses are especially causing headaches for Congresswoman Liz Cheney.

Wyoming Nurses Return From Deployments Into COVID-19 Hotspots With Powerful Stories

As COVID-19 puts stress on the country's healthcare system, Wyoming medical workers are heading to overwhelmed places with high amounts of cases to help out. Sheridan VA Health System nurses are being sent on two-week stints to veteran and community facilities. LPNs Mike Gatewood and Erin McDaniel, who work at VA satellite clinics in the state, speak about the toll COVID-19 took at a nursing home for veterans in Maryland.

"We Have To Be The Peaceful Ones:" Riverton's Evolving Activism Tradition

The City of Riverton is proud of its tradition of peacefully protesting against acts of racism. But a new generation of activists is taking the lead, and they have a different idea of what those protests should look like. Wyoming Public Radio's Savannah Maher reports.

Book Unpacks Laisse-Faire Racism In Indigenous Bordertown

Many places around the world have towns with predominantly white populations living in close proximity or directly on tribal land. Dr. Jeffrey Denis is an Associate professor at McMaster University in Canada wanted to see how small border towns like this talk about race. Wyoming Public Radio's Taylar Stagner talked with Denis about his new book and the connections he made in Northwest Ontario.

University Of Wyoming President Discusses Goals And Reopening Campus

When University of Wyoming President Ed Seidel was hired this spring he had lots of ideas. Then COVID-19 hit and his priorities shifted. But despite budget cuts, he still is excited about the future of UW and how it will impact the state.

Wyoming's Community Colleges Plan For Uncertain Fall Semester

Wyoming's community college's are also working out plans to reopen this fall. Wyoming Public Radio's Jeff Victor reports they face a lack of federal guidance and other issues that could undermine those plans.

Laramie Theatre Moves From Stage To Screen

Limitations on in-person gatherings because of the pandemic has led to theatres closing-or rethinking how the show can go on.

Some theatres have, for the time being, moved productions from the stage to the internet. That's the case for Laramie-based Relative Theatrics, and the transition has led the company to hire a Director of Virtual Events. Noelia Berkes spoke with Wyoming Public Radio's Micah Schweizer about her new role and how theatre can benefit from a challenging time.

More Pressure Comes To MSHA Over COVID-19 Response

The watchdog office within the Department of Labor has released a report recommending changes to the agency in charge of keeping mines safe. The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration or MSHA has been under pressure from unions and some federal lawmakers to create temporary emergency standards in response to COVID-19. Wyoming Public Radio's Cooper McKim speaks with coal reporter Taylor Kuykendall with the S & P Global Market Intelligence… they begin by discussing what actions M-SHA has taken so far.