Josh and Susan Anderson - Evanston WY

Mar 13, 2014

Credit Micah Schweizer

Susan: My name is Susan Anderson. I grew up here in Evanston Wyoming.

Josh: My name is Josh Anderson and I also grew up in Evanston.

Josh: It was probably about ten years ago, when I met you, you were always listening to public radio.

Susan: Specifically in the morning.  That's my routine.

Josh: Turn it on in the morning, make some coffee, that kind of thing. And I remember going, ugh, I can't stand public radio.

Susan: Why?

Josh: It's just the news over and over again. And I remember taking trips with your folks and they would have WPR, Wyoming Public Radio on. And the whole time I felt like it was the same news program repeating and repeating. But now, maybe this isn't helping our cause here, but now I actually love it now, and I can't help but not. I mean, it has to be on. It's like the background noise, I always have to be catching it. And I always feel like any news I watch, I can't stand watching news.

Susan: Oh I can't either.

Josh: If I'm up to date it's because I was listening to the radio.