January 5th, 2018

Credit Leigh Paterson

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Tax Reform's Impact On Western Energy

The debate over tax reform has finally come to an end. Congress has passed its bill and President Trump has signed it. But what’s it all mean for western energy? Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim helps deconstruct tax reform’s impact. 

Wyoming Lawmakers Plan For Big 2018

Last year was a whirlwind for lawmakers in Washington, but gridlock reigned supreme and much of the GOP agenda was blocked. Washington Correspondent Matt Laslo caught up with Wyoming’s lawmakers about what they’re hoping to accomplish in 2018. 

Wyoming Coaches Help Close Gap In K-12 Sexual Violence Prevention

Most states have laws, or pending legislation, requiring that public schools teach sexual violence prevention. That leaves Wyoming as one of the few states with absolutely nothing on the books. But the Wyoming Sexual Violence Prevention Council is working to fill this gap by supporting a growing network of local projects. Among them is a program that works with student athletes. Wyoming Public Radio’s education reporter Tennessee Watson interviewed Bob Vines -- the Washakie County Victim/Witness Coordinator -- to find out more. 

Yakama Nation's First Bison Hunt In West Yellowstone

Starting in 2006 - the state of Montana granted permission to a couple of tribes to hunt on federal public lands near Yellowstone National Park. This was due to a treaty that was agreed upon in 1855 that includes tribes from the Pacific Northwest. The Yakama Nation is the first tribe from Washington state to join in on the hunt. Those tribal members drew tags and recently travelled to Yellowstone to exercise their right to hunt buffalo on public land for the first time. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska joined in. 

Cleaning Up Coal: Folly Or The Future?

President Donald Trump has used the term “clean coal” a lot lately, often when talking about bringing back the coal industry.

But what does he actually mean when he says clean coal? In truth, it can mean a lot of different things. When many people talk about clean coal, they're talking about cleaning up Carbon dioxide out of coal emissions. In Wyoming, where the majority of this country’s coal is still mined, clean coal is looked at as a possible economic savior. Without it, the industry faces a long, slow decline.

It’s a big deal for a lot of other people, too. Forty percent of the world still depends on coal for electricity, and it’s still one of the cheapest and most abundant fuels. In some places that really depend on coal, this concept of clean coal is really looked at as a holy grail. To help explain how is Inside Energy’s Madelyn Beck.